Consciousness expand

by Wesley ()

I hear by call upon all ascended pure light beings from the great white brotherhood solar cosmic hoods sisterhoods unto the heart of universes raising cleansing all learning curves wendes paths towards this dual master year time frame into oaris a god burst of light so you eye understand. From here to oorsprong all selves into oneness in the above world a look at my twin flame through our monade order connect me with Serapis maha Cohen Sirius all souls angels in all my chakra with all federations as far as we combined can look through all rootraces bring love through kuthumi sanat kumara jezus Christ help me become myself and function office through faith purify come clean also if gare karma invoked people aid me with spiritual marlise nature and believe to know me my soul in magic let me find other angels not drift from my path get aid fir my behaviour and what’s happening iver there it’s ignorant I don’t like it at all. Build up after consciousness in oaris been lifted towards more around the world helping me regain righteousness find my live twin flame and have a tree all begs earthbounds cleared everything refitted 3thveyevalk the time. A good place thank you overseeing non way more universal office send through quantum mechanics towards what’s attached and the higher sekves right here and nmabd from now on all others towards soul higher self Elohim masters solar cosmic universal give me back internet.

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