confused heart

by Anji (CA)

Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, you died for our sins and to bring us everlasting life. I come to you with a heavy heart. This last year I lost my daughter due to my lack of care. Please keep my daughter safe from all harm, both mental and physical. I ask that she may always know how much I love her and that soon she may be reunited with me. Protect her from all evil, wash away her tears and fears, and keep her from being hurt by malicious people who pretend to care for her. I also lost my husband due to lies created by hateful individuals. He is now in jail because he was set up by evil tactics. Some he called friend, some he called family, and some he once cared for. Lord Father, I ask that my family may remain strong through these trials and tribulations. Since then someone who should love my husband is trying to remove me from his life. Father, I am lost and so confused. Help me to see and understand who around me I can trust. Clarify my heart and mind so I may see clearly what path You are directing me to. Allow me to follow your Holy Will so I may not be led astray. Help me Father for my heart is is in pieces. Please restore my life and my family may we always follow your will. Give us strength to endure anything and most of all give us strength to resist temptation. Remove from us all those that want to harm us. Father, please keep me close to your Sacred Heart. Allow me to make the right decisions and push away influences that are directing me to fall away from You. My Lord, remove from my path what was sent by the evil one to destroy my family and may You always protect us from harm. Thank you Lord for your infinite love. I ask this in the name of your precious Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

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