Confused and need direction

by Yoyo (San Antonio)

Father in heaven I need your help, i have fallen short of the glory of God, backslided, and am longing to come back to you. Please give me strength bc now i have a precious baby on the way and I want to raise this child to glorify and magnify your name, to follow you all the days of her life, but i can’t do that unless i get my life straight. As of right now the father of my child is not the best for me, but i am praying that you touch him, guide him, and lead him so that we can be a family. The horror stories i hear about women who have these men in thier houses who abuse thier kids is a big fear of mine. If the father of my child is not who i am supposed to be with than i ask you to send the right man in my life that i can trust to be around my baby girl. I also need direction bc i want to get out of the military and need guidance on what i should do, i want to go to school and i also want to provide for my child and i with no struggles, so im asking that you place the right people in my path to lead me on the path to success…I thank you for hearing my prayer and i cover my prayer with the blood of jesus christ. Amen Amen Amen in Jesus name!!!!!!!!!!

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