Confession of sin and a prayer for peace

I was unemployed for six months this past year. Desperately, I found a job that wasn’t in my field or couldn’t support the standard of living I had previous provided for my family. With my identity crushed, I became depressed and lethargic. My wife became pregnant, but miscarried after a few months.

I began to drink more heavily. As a result, I fear that I will face consequences for sin, and the anxiety is eating at me. I have no peace. I have prayed and confessed my sins, but am bothered by my actions and the possible repercussions. (No cheating… nothing like that.) Please pray for me in my time of need. God’s will will always be done, and his love is never unfailing. Amen

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  1. Don't give up

    Hi, please don’t give up and continue to pray even when you think you have no hope…Keep besides you a gratitude journal and every day write in it at least 5 things that you are grateful for (e.g. health, house , car that is working, etc.) You are good person and keep saying this to yourself- look in the mirror everyday and say it many times even if you don’t believe it, with time you will.
    You could involve yourself in some kind of volunteer type work…

    Good luck!

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