Concern for my children, grandchildren and GREATGRAND

by Nancy Jones ()

Scot (our oldest son) that he will enjoy his marriage relax and stop being so stressed and show him how not to use harsh words
(make him aware) that hurts his adult children, and his new wife, and let him be naturally happy. He is a Christian.
Corey (our second son)
He is a Christian he needs to forgive his 90 year old grandma, and me his mother and his brothers and father. Closes his self off and only his wife and children are his world. Does want anything to do with the extended family very bitter and we can’t do anything right it’s sad.
(our youngest son 44 years) NEEDS JESUS very worldly never takes anything serious. He need salvation.
Kaylee and Austin our granddaughter we raised since birth and her husband Austin needs to be saved. Kaylee at a young age gave her self to Jesus invited Jesus into her heart around 11 year’s old Kaylee was very active with things of Jesus in church never wanted to miss a youth night while going to church 11 of her friends were saved and then a boy she asked to go with her to church told her he didn’t believe in God. He became her boyfriend when they was older and she hasn’t the been same since. But God graciously took that person out of her life. Thank you Jesus!! Now married to a wonderful man Austin but Austin is not a Christian
Kaylee has been married to Austin for 5-6 years have two precious baby boys.
I worry about all 4 of them very much I am learning to let go a bit I ask you all to pray for their salvation and all will turn their lives over to God. Pray that Kaylee will not be lazy for lack of a better word. Very precious but want clean house she takes care of her children and nurtures them but doesn’t bother to keep herself up I asked her is she depressed and she says no but she has lost who she is. She did something in her marriage that hurt her husband and he throws it up to her every once and a while. Austin told me she had an affair 2 years into there marriage she ask him to forgive her and he said he would but yet he keeps torturing her with her past. She told me it was just talking with the other man never an affair. But only Jesus knows. She has been trying to make him happy but he still comes back with little ugly word please pray her, for all my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren love them all praying for their souls to be ready and right with My Precious Lord and saviour Jesus

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