Faith realised

Father you who known the hopes and aspirations of the weary made strong that I may strengthen in faith and find a realise transformation wounds healed may known the gift of the true vine outpouring in provision and finance’s for your`e harvest is made through weakness and grace Amen


Heavenly Father thank you for doing all that you’ve done and sacrificing your body for me. Lord Jesus if you don’t do one more thing for me , you have done enough. I Love you Lord and give all the Glory and Praises to you. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen

Prayer for blessings n freedom by HOLY COMMUNION

I am taking the Holy Communion almost everyday now for Lord’s blessings and FREEDOM from DEMONS and DEMONIC poisons,chains and Curses n improvement of my brain n spinal health .I want everyone to pray that The Lord Has special mercy on me n blesses me through the Communion


Alpha and Omega, thank you for the gift of life, thank you for your love which is unconditional and endless, heavenly father we are asking you to give us that which is best for us both spiritual and physical, that we may not depart from the way into following the vein world, we ask everything … Continue reading “Breakthrough”


Dear sir/madam, Warm greetings in the wonderful name of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ! Hope you are having a blessed day.God has a plan for everyone and everything. That includes you, and it includes your organization.None of us can fully know God’s plan—the best we can do is pray and listen for clarity. I am Christian … Continue reading “Request”

what the fuck

alison is so stupid, y did she not give me her contact info to keep in touch?! y is alison acting like a super bitch?! did jesus lose her? did jesus kill her? did jesus make her die? did jesus make her sick?! what the fuck in white jesus is going on with that crazy … Continue reading “what the fuck”


Please pray for the misunderstanding of communication between myself and my daughter regarding the care given to her child while he was with me. With this now there will be less trust on both of us. Pray for God’s strength, forgiveness and trust be given to us both. This will be a strength for us … Continue reading “Daughter”


Calvary Greetings,I need prayers for this souls to be saved and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ,fear Him and be useful to Him and to make heaven. TOMISIN ADELANI, RAFIAT GANIYU ,JAMIU GANIYU, ABOSEDE GANIYU, LEKAN AKINBODE, MR AKINDELE ,MR GANIYU ,MODUPE ADEDEJI ,MR OLAYIWOLA,MR AKINBODE,ODUNAYO ADELANI.


lord i want marriage I want my own family i want happiness lord help me find the right man who says my love I want to marry you? I would love to have family with you and a goos life in the future with you be your man my love I want you to be … Continue reading “babies”

Changed Lives Forever

My prayer request is for loved ones & entire households of this generation, the next & every generation afterwards to be filled with the Spirit of God’s power & to forever display a sound mind, loving wisdom & discernment always pleasing & being used for the Glory of God throughout the rest of our lives.

Gods intervention in my life

I pray God should guide and see me through with ever plans and decisions I make so I don’t follow through the wrong part in life. I pray is steadfast love never depart from me, my loved ones, family and friends. Amen



Oh God my help

God to help me overcome and give me a breakthrough in every challenge that is drawing me away from God my maker.

Heaven without me dying

Please pray for God to take me to heaven without me dying tonight. If God takes me to heaven without me dying tonight, then I’m gone. If I’m gone, then it doesn’t matter. I’m gone if God takes me to heaven without me dying tonight. It doesn’t matter if I’m gone. I can’t think of … Continue reading “Heaven without me dying”

Closer walk with God

Please pray for me to be more focused in my relationship with God, to have a closer walk with Him, and not commit my habitual sin of lust. I am very disappointed with myself. Everytime I make an effort to draw close to God, I stumble and fall. As a dog returns to its vomit, … Continue reading “Closer walk with God”

Draw near to God

Dear Heavenly Father, I am not worthy to be before you, I’ve alway disappointed you and am fed up doing that anymore. I want to express my gratitude for everything you have blessed me with, family, love, money, happiness but I also acknowledge that through my trials I have come to see your power and … Continue reading “Draw near to God”

I need a church

I need strength, cofidence courage to find a church family. I do not have any supportive family members. I need God to place people in my life to encourage me and make me feel loved. Is hard for me to feel love from anyone because it is so foreign to me. I love love so … Continue reading “I need a church”

My Heart’s Desire

Hi my name is Lori, I would like for you to come in agreement with me that I’ll learn to be obedient, stay steadfast in the word, Trust in the Lord, be patient, to Love. For God to change me from the inside out, I will walk in my destiny , and be Holy Spirit … Continue reading “My Heart’s Desire”

Holy spirit gift

Prayer for me so that holy spirit lead me in whatever i do and teach me God’s words.I want to know the spiritual gift i have.


Please pray, for me, and Gabriel. May God bring us closer as companion in our lives, and help us to be more spiritually commit to God with all our hearts now, and forever. May God help us, and bless us together as partners, and may God bring us peace joy forever. May God break every … Continue reading “Deliverance”

Holy Spirit

I need the Holy Spirit in my life. I want to commune with the Holy spirit everyday and everytime. Deliverance from every manipulating evil spirit. Let the Holy Spirit dwells within me at all time

Rooted in Christ

God’s will may be done ✅ Wisdom from the Lord 📖 Full submission to the Holy Spirit


I am into a very serious relationship leading to marriage i know he is the one for me but i am so scared my dad is going to turn him down because of his church believes……please i need your prayers if he is truly the one for me my dad will not reject him… dad … Continue reading “Relationship”

Thanks in advance

I pray that God will like me I pray that God will love me Greater I pray that he will show it to me daily I pray that he will remind me I’m his and in this holy presence I pray that he will remind me that he’s a good God I pray that he … Continue reading “Thanks in advance”

Closer to God

I pray to hear and feel god and become closer to him.

Shouts and grunts

God’s will and our obedience showed the way for me to a musical healing and special needs job in hospital setting. I am in this for the smiles and understanding of others. Please pray for the patience with others I need, and the freedom to know when to speak and when that is a right … Continue reading “Shouts and grunts”

Great faith

Pray that my faith in God is established. Also, pray that I will have inner peace and joy. Finally, pray that my business, Agribusiness Solutions, a business that is into farming and renders ploughing and harvesting services to small holder farmers be established and be profitable so that I do not beg for bread and … Continue reading “Great faith”

Seeking God’s presence

Heavenly Father forgive me of my sins to you. Make me worthy to be in your presence. Lord my desires to be like you talk walk and live like you. To have an intimacy relationship with you. In Jesus name amen.

Out of Place

Hello, I went on a fast in April, it ended the first week of May. Before the fast, I had a set Prayer time and was feeling Great about my relationship with Christ, but after the fast, I couldn’t pray and I didn’t feel like going to church or anything. I feel for some reason, … Continue reading “Out of Place”

Doesn’t matter if

Most people will be heart broken but how can I be heart broken over my daily life, I don’t care how much a person feels like they should not respect me it how I live in not new here, I know what to do.


I have been having mild heart episodes for the last several week, and I am going tomorrow to a cardiologist to hopefully find a way to help my issue. Please pray i have the strength and faith to face road ahead and perseverance to make some changes for the better.


I pray the good Lord will draw me closer together Him. I want Toronto daily have sweet communion with Him I pray for healing of my daughter’s hearing disability.

To Anoint me for the greater work

Ask God to enable me a strength within for the Journey ahead. Ask God to anoint me for greater works Ask God to give the spirit of boldness Ask God to enlargement my capacity to receive what he still as in stock for me.

Relationship with God

Lord,I need to be more closer to you. I am now 50 yrs old and understand that my years in this are 70yrs and within this time I need to straighten my ways and be righteous. Thank you Lord for the far you have been with me.

Intimacy, revelation

To be as intimate with God as Moses was, to receive the Holy Spirit as Elishah did, to live God as David loved Him, to have wisdom as Solomon had and to have discernment of His Word and preach the Gospel News as Paul did. I need you, Lord, please tell me what you want … Continue reading “Intimacy, revelation”

Taking communion

Heavenly father, as I take communion this Sunday let be to know the seriousness of the bread of your body and the blood of your sacrifice. I give my life and love to you unwavering. I commit my life to your worship. As you died for my sins, so as I dedicate my heart and … Continue reading “Taking communion”

For my relationship

I pray to have good communication with my husband I hope we can fix our problems we can get back to being I. Peace and in love with each other thanks for your time