Communication with my family

by Alicia ()

Father God I come to you tonight to praise your Holy name . you are the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. The good shepherd, The great I Am, Master of the universe, Wonderful Counselor, the Great physician powerful and mighty . I pray that if its Your will, that you will open the door for Khristian amd Analise to reach out and get in touch with me . I pray that you put your hedge of peotection around them . they are yours first God before they are mine. You say if we do not ask we will not receive….so I am asking in Your name Jesus that you make a way to hear their voices and tell them I love them . I trust you Jesus and I know that your plans are to prosper and not to harm me …I trust that YOUR will is perfect and that You will fulfill all of Your promises in YOUR Word . I do not fear because I know that You are always with me and the kids God. You are not an angry God but forgiving and full of grace and mercy and I know that you would never seperate mother and child. I know that it was my choice God and it was self inflicted . so I am begging you to please pluck me off the path that isnt yours and lead me back into your arms so that one day with patience through pain and learning and growing my faith from the milk of Your word to the meat . that I may be used as You purposed, to glorify amd honor YOUR name in all that I do amd be a faithful witness amd a light in this world full of darkness . I also ask that you use me God please to break the chains of addiction for my children ….use me as an example however you see fit .whatever it takes God please remove this from Khristian and Analise because I know and believe Your word that when we are tempted YOU will provide a way out. Thank you for always being here when I need YOU and even when I push You away . fill me with your HOLY SPIRIT and do Your great work in me . I love you and I trust you please forgive me for my sins God place them as far as the east is from the west. Create in me a clean heart and wash me with the blood you shed for me and suffered greatly so that I may have life in with and through YOU forever . in your Name I pray

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