come into his heart, sweet Lord

by Renee (Kenner, La Usa)

My beautiful Jesus, thank you for saving me and for showing me the light. Shine your beautiful light into his heart; show him you are with him, and strength in him. Please, give him your strength so that he may be the father these three beautiful children so need. Your love is perfect; our father is the perfect one. Please, help my husband to be more like our heavenly Father,truly selfless and loving. Always providing for His children. Bless the hearts of my beautiful children and give them strength. Remove the bitterness from all our hearts so that my husband and I may be the best of parents to these children, true gifts from you. Be with us, Lord. I am scared, sometimes. Remind me always that you are with me. I trust you, Lord. I trust in you. Dear Lord, I do not know your plan for our family; but help me to know the right choices to make. Guide my decisions; guide my parenting. Heal the hearts of my babies for the loss of their father, my husband. If it is your will, Lord; please, restore my husband so that he may lead us (his family) in the Christian way. I give my fears to you, my beautiful Lord. Thank you for your love. I am in awe of you and your perfect love. Thank you

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