Come Holy Spirit , be with us on Earth

by A C (Usa)

Allelua, Allelua, Christ the Savior, Our Creator, Born a baby, in a manger, Gift from Heaven, sent down with love. He created this world we live in, Then was recreated and sent to earth, from His Father, who has loved us , gave His Son to live with us. God is with us God is with us. Allelua, Allelua. Little baby , in the manger. God shed his light ,down upon thee. From the cradle , in the stable, God set His light ,to show the three. The three kings ,brought gifts to worship. To worship Him ,on bended knee. Lord our Savior, our creator, came to earth to set us free. Born a baby, sent to save us, from this world and misery. Son of the Father, Blessed baby, born so lowly , to save and free. Came the blind men ,and the begger, came the sinner ,and set them free. Come and worship , Our Creator, Christ the Lord, He’ll set us free. Are we in the bondage as once like in Egypt? Are we in the bondage of sinful ways? Are we in the bondage of sinful men? Come out of her my people. Come out of her and He will save thee. The Lord in His gracious mercy shines His Light upon the earth. He will save all those who will come to Him. He will set you free. Come to Him and worship Him, for He is the Savior of the world. As in the desert, the people received manna, the bread from heaven, but today the Lord rains down Himself, for He is the Bread of Life,the,Bread of Heaven. Lord ,come rain this bread down on us. For we are thirsty Lord, and we are hungry, Lord. For you give us life, and cleanse us with a cleansing water as you cleansed the earth with a flood. Purify us Lord, cleanse and make us new. Shine upon us dear Lord, and let our reflection shine back to you. You Lord were from your Father and His Light shone on you, and you were glorified and magnified and your light shone back to the Father , and to all the people on the earth. For you are Lord and God, and now , you are seated back with the Father , on Heavens Glorious Throne. Come Holy Spirit,may God be with us on earth. Amen

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