Colon Cancer

by Bernadette ()

My heart is hurting and breaking in way only God knows and understand how I’m hurting. My son Emilio 27 years old. He was passing blood and he went to the hospital they send him for a Colonoscopy. He had Polyps, they tested it they told him he had colon cancer. He have to do the test over they didn’t remove all the Polyps because his colon wasn’t clean enough. He have to do a special blood test to see what kind of cancer it is. Please you and you church please pray that he doesn’t have that stinking word ( cancer) Through prayers God Can change things around so I’m asking and begging and pleading to help me prayer for him by name. My son facing a fight that only God can heal through people and myself praying in a positive atmosphere. All that I ask you and your church pray for him. I want him to move back home here with me so I can take better care of him making sure he eat the right food ext’s. He said he want his own place. All I can do is to pray and pray till I cannot Pray no more. He doesn’t understand he have to move on this fast attack from the enemy which is cancer. He already had so much things happen to him. Four years ago his daughter mother boyfriend almost killed him by stabbing him he almost die. A month ago he get into automobile accident he hurt his back and and get a fractured ribs. Now he get this medical attack from the pits of hell which is cancer. My mind is so wild with so much in it right now. I had breast cancer almost 4 years ago and I was heal. I had my surgery chemotherapy and radiation and I’m cancer free. Now this enemy cancer attacking my son, and he’s so slow to go and get the blood work and the other test. Don’t want to add more stress on him by pushing him away, but I have to. I don’t know what to do! all I can is pray that God open his eyes to do the right thing to live and not die. How can a 27 year old get that form of cancer. I know he not getting the right food. My mind in a mess which not good for me Spiritually, Physically Mentally. I know he’s scared he’s a child that doesn’t talk much how he’s feeling and keep everything inside. Please, Please Pray For Him Please And Thank You. God continue to bless you’ll, have a blessed and wonderful day.

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