College Student living a life of destruction

by Michelle ()

My 21 year old college daughter needs some prayer. Since she’s been in college (3 years) she has absolutely no relationship with God. She suffers from depression and anxiety sometimes drinks to self medicate, which leads to anxiety, drunkenness, and once a 72 lock up in a mental health clinic. When she gets depressed she spends days in her bed, missing classes and work.. she has failed so many classes, I don’t know how she is still enrolled in the University. She recently met a man 11 years older than her. She met him in the mental health ward. He is a severe alcoholic, but the first man to show interest in her. Every time they are together he is either completely drunk, or suffering from withdrawls and she is missing classes to take care of him. He recently told her he couldn’t see her anymore (thank goodness), and she has been in bed crying for two days, missed all her classes and called off work. She is very immature for a 21 year old, but I cannot continue to coddle her. Everyone tells her that her choices are toxic and dangerous, but at 21 she thinks she has all the answers. I have no idea as a mom how to help, or just let her hit rock bottom.

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