Close one chapter and on to new beginnings

by Michelle (New Orleans)

St. Joseph, I know that God has a plan and purpose for everything. Just when my husband and I thought that he would have to look for a new job he interceded and had his employer offer him a transfer, promotion and moving package. While the thought of leaving our home and starting new is scary, we know that this is Gods doing. For the last 6 months my husband has been working in the other state only coming home on weekends. We need to sell our current house, purchase a new house and secure me a new job soon so that we do not have to be separated during the week anymore. St. Joseph, please assist in reaching a quick sale of our home at our asking price and help us to be able to purchase a new home that is perfect for us and within our budget. We unfortunately need these two things to happen simultaneously. There is actually a house that we feel is perfect for us, we would love to make this house our home!! Finally, I need to be able to secure a job making at least close to my current salary (preferably at my company’s office in Mobile). Please assist and intercede for us quickly as I miss my husband terribly. Amen.

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