Clinging to faith

Dear God,

I am losing hope, I have accumulated so much debt that I no longer have the resources to pay for them because the business has gone under. I have made bad decisions and I have tried to settle these debts and now I have exhausted my resources and still there are bills to pay and I still need to support my parents. It hurts so bad to see my parents filled with worry,they are old and I try to be brave and show them we can still survive although deep inside I am so tired and sometimes I just want to give up. My parents are old,I want to see them smile again, worry free and happy so I struggle and hold on to my faith that You will succor us in these times of need. I know some of my relatives look down on me for the mistakes I made and some of our acquaintances laugh behind my back, it hurts but I forgive them because they just don’t know my struggles. Lord, you know about my situation, I pray to You all the time, I ask for forgiveness and beg for Your mercy, I know I may not be worthy and there may be more people who are suffering much more than I am right now, but please, can You just send a little help my way? Give me strength to hold on and the resources to settle my obligations dear Father, as my parents won’t be able to survive without me. Please help Your daughter God, I am so tired and hopeless, but I am still clinging to my faith. Please help me and hear my plea. I pray for those who are in need of Your help also, please have mercy on your suffering children dear Father. Thank You.

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  1. Keep praying

    MIracles do happen. The lord has recently helped my family and I in a recent situation. We were constantly praying and all of a sudden a miracle happened. He is always watching you. He will not let you down. He loves all of us. Just keep praying with your heart and the lord and everyone will help you. Have a good night . God bless

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