Cleansing and healing for my body, soul, and mind

by Esmeralda (Atlanta Ga)

Dear Lord,

I come to you in prayer to heal my sickly body. I have been given a disease and may have contacted more. I try to be loving and caring to all kind but dont know what i have done to cause this upon me. I ask for forgiveness and repent of my sins. those i know i have done and those that i do not remember of but is accounted for.
Please Lord clean my mind, body and soul. Help me to walk with you side by side in faith. I have a trouble heart and a wounded soul.
I am to be tested in hours and i pray that my results confirm negitive. I pray for my friends and family that the devil leave them and ask for you protection on their souls. Bind this sickness from my body and cast it away for ever. I pray to you O Lord that you hear my prayer and forgive my wrongful ways and lead me to the right path. Amen.

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