Clean Break Away

by Sam ()

Dear Lord Heavenly Father

Your guidance and strength the last 7 years has made me the person who I am today. Without you I would not be where I am today.
My prayer is for a Clean Break Away from my ex husband. I pray that I will have further guidance and help in my court matter next Thursday. My hard work, dedication and honesty will be noticed and that my ex husband will be taught a lesson for his unruly behaviour which has caused so much pain for my children and me. I pray that our house will be sold and that we can break our separate ways which I have been a prisoner for so long. I pray for the forgiveness of my ex husbands sins against me and that he will bring the children to me as their devoted mother and stop all of this pain and suffering that he has caused for so long. For 17 years I have been at the mercy of my ex husband, that his lies have nearly destroyed me, and through Gods work I am a survivor and example of your miracles. Please protect my children and please protect me and allow me to have my freedom away from this man who has controlled me for so long. I pray that his actions will be punished for the cruelty he has inflicated on me and the children. I pray for Peace, Protection, and for my ex husband to leave me alone from domestic abuse I have suffered for so long which has affected my children. Please help me dear precious Lord – Amen

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  1. God Bless You!

    I am so sorry to have heard that you had to endure domestic abuse. Thank God that you had faith for so long and now your suffering will come to an end. God and Jesus love you so much and only put you through situations that will indeed make you stronger. Some people may give up throughout those 7 years but you remained strong and faithful to Jesus Christ. I pray that you and your children live the rest of your lives with peace and utter joy. That you continue to praise God when the going gets tough and know that Jesus our Savior will always be watching over you.

    In Jesus Name i Pray


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