Christians vs false prophets

by Lady ()

Pray God will burn off any confusion, deciet, illusion, sorcery, divination, witchcraft, trickery, etc related to true Christianity and followers of Jesus and Satanists and followers of Satan and this truth will be brought to light.

Pray that Christians will never appear to be, considered as, or be tricked by false prophets so all glory goes to God and as many people can be brought to salvation and the kingdom of Heaven as possible.

Pray false prophets/Satanists/the antichrist will never again be confused to be an actual Christian and as time goes on *even after the mark of the beast* people will catch on to what is happening, accept Jesus died on the cross for their sins, repent and get baptized.

Pray those Christians who have already accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior into their lives/hearts will also be knowledgeable about the need to repent and get baptized and will do so.

Pray that anyone risking.their lives for the kingdom of God will die quickly, efficently and painlessly *never ever being torturted* and that Jesus will be with them in their time of death and if loved ones die together its done so at the exact same time so one doesnt witness the others death.

Pray that all children/handicapped/possibly even the elderly will somehow be kept safe until the second coming of Jesus

Pray all those invomved will have the strength to do what they need to do to keep it together, keep moving and get the job done until their tine is finished.

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