Protection for my children and grandchildren and greatgrand daughter

I prayed today for protection over my children! my grandchildren, and my great-granddaughter, also my God children. I pray also for a blood covering protection over my daughter Ophelia as she celebrates her birthday today. Thank you Jesus! thank you for this answer Prayer in advance. Amen! and Amen!

My son Jonathan,18 yrs old has turned into a very rebellious child

My son Jonathan,18 yrs old has turned into a very rebellious child.Avery undisciplined and into drugs.Disrespect everyone around him.Having a bad time in school,expeled from the hostel.Does’nt listened to anybody at home ,at school.I have lost all hope on him.I put all my problems under your feet.Lord hear my prayer.

Prayer for my preemie son to have a sucessful surgery

My son who wanted to be here before his time. Has had to deal with all the issues premature babies can succumb to. He is having a life saving suregery again. Please protect him. And let him have a long healthy life. So that I may raise him to be a God loving man.

My daughters pain Please pray for her healing

Please pray for her healing. Years of chronic daily headaches. Please heal this child. Her general health, pain tolerance and job are at risk. We ask this in Jesus name. Please pray we can continue to help support her. Amen.

Pray for my son Andrew struggling to speak

Heavenly Father, thank you for blessing my son Andrew to speak words out of his mouth, to have speech and to be expressive with his needs. We give you all the glory Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Healing for Brooklyn and to buy a house

God bless and heal Brooklyn Fri all her allergies. God please grant me a house to live in. U know my situation and I give U all the Glory. I’m Thanking U in advance

Lord, please bring financial peace to me

Lord, please bring financial peace to me. I’m tired of worrying about having money. The costs go up and my income stays the same. I’m disabled and on a fixed income.

Please pray for my son’s pray that Mark

Please pray for my son’s pray that Mark find some lovely girl that will make him very happy. Pray that Ray get full time work and please let him start saving money

father bless our child

Oh god Listen to they prays as they bring them to god guide they little hands in which way to go and be w them in times of danger may u keep them safe in Jesus name Amen