God of heaven and earth

Thankyou heavenly father for your gift of life, and thankyou for the precious gift of our families, lord I pray for all children who are sick and are in need of surgery, Lord you are an ever present God,touch all your children with your healing hands protect them when they are undergoing surgery, be with … Continue reading “God of heaven and earth”

She’s only 3

My granddaughter Emma was born with Bilateral Dyplastic Multicyctic Kidney Disease. She also is failure to thrive. She’s fought a miraculous fight. In the next year or so Mott’s Children’s Hospital thinks she’ll need a transplant. She’s only 3. She has no idea why the doctor hurts her. She laughs and tells us randomly she … Continue reading “She’s only 3”

I need money very urgent

Dear god me a sunilmartin from India we r a poor people’s in my locality &saffaring fainancial problrms since last 10year we r facing day/day such a problems we do not have a money to buy anything I have two children’s girl babies the children’s eduction also poor condition not to pay for any single … Continue reading “I need money very urgent”

Prayer for my grandchildren

Pleas touch and agree with me in prayer for my grand children who are away from me. Please pray for their protection from abuse, molestation and preators. Pray that they are safe in their neighborhood , school and home. Pray God’s mercy and grace in their lives that they will lead extraordinary lives, and experience … Continue reading “Prayer for my grandchildren”

Prayer for ill baby girl

Please pray for my baby girl cousin. She was born 12-30-13 at 1:02pm and is absolutely beautiful. This morning she started spitting up blood.and the hospital she is at isn’t able to treat tsick babies. So they are rushing her to mobile alabama children’s hospital. Our family needs all the prayers we can get for … Continue reading “Prayer for ill baby girl”

4 year old who has fear having a bowel movement

Please pray for Jordan Paul Tatum, since the age of 1 1/2. He has fear and anxiety having a bowel movement. Please lord heal Jordans mind and bring him peace.. really urging really hard and refuses to go to the bathroom. Lord Jesus, please help our Jordan…

Prayer for my niece Zoey

My niece Zoey who is 2 months is in the hospital. She turned blue last night and stop breathing. My sister rushed her to the hospital and they help revived her. She has a heartbeat but she is in life suppport and won’t wake up. Doctor’s don’t know what may have caused it. Please help … Continue reading “Prayer for my niece Zoey”

Heavens Father Keep them in your protection

Heavens Father, I call my children by name Daija, Isis, MaKayla, Monet, and Devin protect them watch over them they are yours. Put you shields around them and guide them and keep them out of harms way let Theo Guardian Angels always be with them. I now leave them in your hands.

help my son and daughter-in-law to conceive a child

Please Jesus help my son and daughter-in-law to conceive a child. They are desperate to have a child and have been trying everything to conceive. Please give them the joy of having a child to raise in your glory. Amen.

For strength and guidance

I pray that my son will have the strength and be ready to accept consequences / outcome of his school discipline case to be heard tomorrow, February 28. May he humble himself, change his ways and learn from this trying experience. May my husband also find it in his heart to understand and support. I … Continue reading “For strength and guidance”

Help my child lord

Dear Lord I ask that you please help my child to hear and not need major surgery or a ear piece..She is a bright great child and I know she loves you know matter what..Help her Lord to be healed of it..I am taking her to a doctor today cause it might just be ear … Continue reading “Help my child lord”

Prayer for my three children

Please be with my three children…help them to remember and love me and all of the wonderful love and times we shared together…my friends too…help my children and I become and have the closeness I always dreamed of having…to be surrounded by each others love…respect and honoring…please forgive me for this lack in my own … Continue reading “Prayer for my three children”

For the guidance and comfort for antonio

Heavenly father i pray that you will comfort antonio through any problems that he may be expierienceing. Please help him through the loss of his grandmother and comfort and give him strength at his weakest moments in jesus name Amen

Lord, hold and protect our little granddaughter

Lord, hold and protect our little granddaughter, dispell her anxiety and fear, and restore her ability to take pleasure in life and experience laughter and joy. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for my teenage son

My son seems to be stuck in a rut. He’s a freshman in High school and hates school with a passion. He is isn’t motivated and smokes marijuana. He goes to church but doesn’t have a relationship with God. Please pray for his salvation and he doesn’t become another static. Please pray for unity in … Continue reading “Prayer for my teenage son”

For my own healing

Requesting for prayer for my healing. Iam paraplegic for 2 1/2 years and constantly in so much pain. That throughout this healing journey, I may be able to fight the throes of Satan and his evil ways because I believe that my disease has been caused by others’ evil intentions. That God our father will … Continue reading “For my own healing”

protection, good health, positive friends

Dear Jehovah God, please send guardian Angels to protect my grandson from dangers and evil seen and unseen. Give him wisdom, good health, true love and prosperity all during his long joyful life. Help his parents to love and care for him the way good parents should. Amen Thank you.

Prayers for my grandson

Lord please help my grandson Nicolas be ok. Please watch over him and protect him and that what the doctors are hinting us not what is really wrong with him. Please Jesus help it to be something curable and work your miricles Thur the doctors that it is somthing that is treatable and he can … Continue reading “Prayers for my grandson”

a prayer for Susan

Please help Susan as she goes through this time of hurt. She is seeing what a divorce is through her aunt and uncle in law. She was close to him, but is angry with him for leaving his marriage. She needs to heal her heart as she is reacting wrongfully due to her broken heart. … Continue reading “a prayer for Susan”


Dear Lord i come to you to ask a blessing upon Khloe Grace….hold her in the palm of your hand and grant her complete healing from her sickness and guide the medical staff as they perform a procedure on her to remove fluid from her abdomen. This tiny preemie baby whom you have granted life … Continue reading “Healing”

Prayers for little Bobby

Lord please lay your loving, merciful and healing hands on this infant boy. You and you alone know what is wrong and what he needs. Please bring him complete healing, and let your miraculous healing be a true testimony to his family and friends that you are the Great Physician and Almighty Healer. All Glory … Continue reading “Prayers for little Bobby”

Prayer for guidance and peace

I am a single mom with no extended family or support struggling with a defiant teen who is angry, bitter, mean and so disrespectful. My child was a wonderful, caring sweet child who is now destructive, mean and rebellious. I am so stressed, my head, heart and body hurts from the daily stress.

Prayers for Avalina

Dear Lord, I pray with all of my heart for my neice, Avalina. She is 5 years old and has been in a terrible accident. They do not believe her survive. Oh Lord I pray for you to remain by her side and to comfort her and her mother and the entire family. Let us … Continue reading “Prayers for Avalina”

A prayer for our troubled daughter

Dear Lord ,you were with us and helped us always. Now my little angel is choosing bad path and bad friends. she needs your guidance and blessings.Please,please please help her to be saved.

God’s Child

Father I come to you in Jesus name. I give you my child. She is yours not mine. I can’t take care of her anymore. I bring her to your alter and hand her over.If there is anything you want me to do, show me.If not I will keep my hands off of her.Pound on … Continue reading “God’s Child”

My Sons Diploma

Dear Father help my Son to get through his graduation with diploma I know he did a lot of mistakes through his schooling but he’s regretting now that he’s diploma is in danger so please help him to reach all the requirements and give him the positive and strong mind to do all his work … Continue reading “My Sons Diploma”

Prayers for Hannah

Dear Lord, Please watch over Hannah a 7 year old recovering from chemo cancer treatments,liver failing, fluids being drained & on breathing tube. Thank you Jesus for guidance and blessings on her doctors, nurses that will bring Hannah to complete healing and renewed health. In Jesus name AMEN

Prayer for good eyesite

Please Dear God restore and grant to our wonderful 17 month old Bryce perfect vision, wonderful health and a normal developmental as well as neurologically normal life. Please allow his MRI to be normal. Please restore his vision. And Please bring peace and harmony to all of us. Amen. Thank-you Lord

Son court child support custody case

(Texas) Dear Lord I pray that u will be beside my son’s side in court tomorrow. That he will not go to jail & that the judges enforces the mother to let us see my grandaughter. In Jesus Crist..Amen

Adam’s Wisdom Prayer

Heavenly Father, Please give my son Adam the wisdom he needs to pass his tests. He has failed so many times and is loosing his faith. Please give him the wisdom he needs and the ability to recall information. Please keep his mind clear and help him recall all the information he has learned. Please … Continue reading “Adam’s Wisdom Prayer”

My precious granddaughter

Please protect and bring my granddaughter home. Let her find some good Christian friends that will be good for her. I am so worried about her and the path that she is going down. Please hear my prayer