Children suffering

by Knightly ()

I come to you my saviour to ask you to be there for the children , to be right next to them to ease their suffering , i pray you take them under your wings , i pray you send your angels for them and you provide for them like you provide for thr birds in the sky , i pray dear God you send them help because they don’t deserve the hell they are living in , I pray you show your ways to them i pray my dear God you are there for the newborns that are fighting for their life , i pray you are there for the girls that are trafficked and sold and that are put thru the lowest , i pray you give the people that put the little ones in such pain what they deserve . Please God be there for the kids that are drying in the sun , for the ones with no parents no water no food , for the ones that have to become slaves in order to live , i pray you are there for all the ones that are becoming drug dealers , mugs and thugs dear God show them your way please God there are people like me who would rather deserve those punishments that for those kids are lifestyles dear God please fill each of your follower with this desire to pray and to help these little ones all around the world in suffering , please help me and give me the strenght to fulfill this mission in life , pelase make me realise how privilleged i am and help me God be humble all my life on this earth , pleease God take all the money desire away from our hearts , make us realise the right values and please don t let us become driven by greed ever . In Jesus name i prayed AMEN

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