by Carol ()

Lord, please hear my prayers for me and my children physically emotionally financially employment and legal. Please help me get over George let him go quit dwelling on him get him out of my life heart mind and soul write him out of my life as he did me. Please help me forgive so I can move forward with strength confidence courage. It hurts so much. Please help me stop punishing and blaming myself for his actions of lies betrayal infidelity he was unhappy more than 20 years why did he wait why did I find out the way I did and he still denies. Im done. I need a financial miracle immediately. Please remove this anger, bitterness, resentment because I’m drinking. i pray for strength so I know what to do to heal to believe God is right here leading the way. He gave us His son. I want to make a new home away from this pain. Make my heart sing again. Jr had another seizure this time he goes to rehab. He lied has no job no money make him responsible. I can survive and lose everyone and everything excluding my children. I gave birth to them. I’m an alcoholic too. I’m grieving the loss of my marriage. I just make things worse all the time I have no one to talk to. It’s getting worse and it’s all me. Change me from the inside out help us guide us love us forgive us. Please get george to stop slamming and banging doors cabinet dishes he’s angry and hates me then why us he still here. Stop his lying and disrespecting me. New years eve and new years day George could not hold back his hatred and loathing. I caught him texting her because when I came into the room he hid who he was talking to. I do not deserve George’s brutal verbal attacks. I just need to move on get this divorce final. I guess there will be no civility he hates and loathes me then please get this divorce finalized so I can truly distance myself move forward forgive. George is getting more abusive he wanted out he doesn’t love me never did. get me over him and through this mess change me from the inside out. Help me forgive

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