Child citizenship approval

by Daniella ()

Dear lord, here we are, my little 3 year old daughter and me, far from home, alone, trapped in a continent far away, isolated in a country that brought me nothing except toxic relationships, traumatic events, agony, anxiety, depression, addictions, more pain that I ever thought possible and a huge amount of evil. I’m trapped around people who are damaging my little daughter’s upbringing and my physical and mental well being.
We now wait impatiently for my daughter’s citizenship by descent to be processed so we can return to where I came from. The land downunder. To the land where I belong and where I can be truly happy and provide my daughter with opportunities and a healthy and happy upbringing, perhaps a family and siblings too, and most of all, a happy functioning mother. Deliver us from all evil, specially this man that damages us since her birth. Remove him from our lives, don’t allow him to mentally torture me any longer, don’t allow him to threaten and control my life anymore. Remove his negativity and his poison from our lives, please.
I beg you lord, I can’t start my healing process in the place that made me so ill in the first place. Allow us to board this plane back to Oceania before december 2018, and give us a real chance at a happy life. You know the hell and torment I have been through the past 8 years, I cannot bare to watch my daughter suffer with me and watch me cry all the time.
As promised, my daughter will be baptized upon our arrival home, or before our departure.
Thank you for answering my last prayer, it was also something I desperately needed. Now I beg you to get us safely home as soon as possible.

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