Cheer up, don’t be afraid

by Karen (Manchester,England)

Oh, to think that my mighty God and Saviour would delight over someone like me

He carried the burdens and sin of the world just to set me free
It’s amazing, it’s awe inspiring to think that He even knows my name
When you consider all that pain and suffering he bore
As he died , and took the blame
He lived on earth as a man with a body and a heartbeat like mine
Knowing he would suffer pain, rejection, immense sorrow and suffering during that time
Yet still he doesn’t accuse me, he loves me and says”cheer up, don’t be sad!”
Don’t you know I sing over you with a joyous song, shouldn’t you be glad?
So, take off that frown and wear a smile, for I will bring you through this hard time
For I’ve loved you even before you were born, yes, you were always mine
I will give you joy and happiness, an abundant life I will give
When you surrender your will to become my will, that’s when you will truly start to live

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