Chaotic while God watches

by Patricia ()

I could have checked so many different categories for prayers needed. Family and employment are the most serious of all. Since the Covid years of 20-21, I was laid off for almost 2-1/2 years. March of this year, I found a job, and was released from the same job in May of this year. What was told to me, was that I was not learning fast enough to satisfy the employer. For my family, well, my daughter age 36, has made some strong accusations about her brother, aged 40 today. Things that I know are not true, and I also know that she does have a mental disorder too. As do I, and clinical depression runs throughout this bloodline. So, with what I now know is a personality disorder of BPD, she will not seek even an office visit, much less a diagnosis. It’s a long story, but some things that she has said to me, lets me know that she has accused her brother in error. What she remembers from a five-year-old point of view is incorrect that her brother was the almost perpetrator. With this being said, she has not spoken to him in 10 years, and I’m certain the boyfriend of 10 years has manipulated the situation because he himself is mentally flawed and wants her to solely depend on him, and no other man, not even her brother that has loved and protected her all his life. I raised him to always look out for her. The boyfriend is the serpent who stands and walks on two feet. And my daughter cannot see that. My 12-year-old granddaughter is caught in the crossfire of any BPD residual episodes, living in fear. I know God answers prayers and I know he doesn’t come when we want him to, but he will show up. Parts of me are so weary, and it’s so hard not to want to take matters into my own hands. It really is.My granddaughter
was deliberately kept from me during Covid years of 20-21. I had to hire an attorney to fight just to see her and again trying to build the relationship we’ve always had, that mom was so envious and jealous of… She still is. I don’t know how this happens that a mother feels she doesn’t want her children to have a special relationship with their grandparents. So, I have to watch what I say, if anything, but definitely nothing of any real substance or emotion. My prayers?
Please pray fervently with me for my family to be knitted back together again and this time, with no person or thing to ever split us apart. My son tells me all the time how he misses his sister, while she adamantly keeps him at bay, with the boyfriend, I am certain he’s not trying to encourage mending her relationship with her brother.
Please pray for restoration, healing, and reconciliation. Pray that the veil over my daughter’s eyes will be removed, and although backslidden as she is, that God will allow her to see clearly what is and has been happening in her life for the last 12 years, and to step away with her daughter, from the evil that he encourages. Pray that God will remove the enemy in this camp so far away from us never to return again. Pray that my grandchild will remain safe in the strong arms of God, as protects her from head to toe and that it is He who resides in her heart and not that of the enemy. Please pray for me, that I don’t continue to grow weary well doing, that God will give me strength that makes me to mount up on eagle’s wings, be blessed with a job and soon, not become homeless and where I can flourish, bringing all the skills that God has given me to an organization to use for God’s betterment.
Thank you for your prayers and standing in the gap with me. Amen.

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