Chaos & Hope

by Liz (Haverstraw, Ny USA)

Dear Jesus,

I am writing to you today for i am dazed, numb and fallen.I lay here full of memories of all the people i have loved so deeply walking in my subconscious mind like zombies in an apocalyptic land. Full of pain, chaos and desolation. Everyone i thought i could trust;I no longer do. I feel the rug underneath my feet give and have fallen in poverty and distress.Something i fight everday to not be ashamed of.
You know, My Lord God all that is going on with my children. Help me lord heal my children. You know Father Jesus i have prayed for each of them and before they were born i prayed for their protection and God you have sent ur Army of Angels to do just that and I am eternally grateful.But I just got my lisence to work and open a business and i find myself with no open doors to guide my way or the resources to begin my dream and protect my kids and my family. I am scared to leave my kids with anyone.Please Help me Lord Be a better mother, sister, daughter and friend. Help me overcome my fear and anxiety. Open up a door..pave the way so i may reach the destination where you always wanted me to be.Father, In the midst of it all i find quiet strength. Logic reminding me to move foward. Some trials are meant to stay but some float away like a discarded plastic bag on a windy day. Noisy but fleeting.. Please Father God Let this job problem be like this. That it will resolve itself quickly.
My Lord God, Darkness and Hopelessness is all around me. i feel it everyday threatening my security and faith in Goodness. Darkness Infects but I know Your Grace finds a way to dispel it. Wrap me with your Love and Grace Jesus. Bless me and My family so I may find a solution to all that is needed.I humbly ask for your strength, Your Love ,Your protection and Your Guidance. Help me find The tools to move foward. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer and ask that You bless all those who are in a similar situation as mine. Great Warm Hug from me to You Father God for i know you worry about ALL of us . Amen…