Changing the past, literally

by Mo (UK)

I made two major mistakes in my past. Those two mistakes have tormented me for a year now. I have more mistakes because of those two mistakes and I am scared they might hamper my future.

I need God to go into the past and change those mistakes I made. That would mean. I don’t have any of the worries. I will now not the worries or the tensions I do. I believe he is listening to my prayers but I need extra support from him. I know he is listening. I am not able to take the opportunities coming my way because of my past. I am desperate for his help
I know the world is imaginary. He is eternal. He is time. The only way is to change past. He has never disappointed me in the past. I am desperate. I have not done anything illegal but my conscience won’t let me be.
I have been worrying for a year. Now I have completely turned to him.

I have given up the two things I liked the most as a part of my penance.
Now all I need is his response to my prayer. I need miracle. Only he can have stopped me from making those mistakes which have lead me here.
I feel that he will but I need some assurance.
He will be my saviour. I feel him nearby.
But I need additional support.
I believe in HIM. I need him and his miracles

Please heed me

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