Change of hearts and recovery of money and seeking for God favor

Heavenly saint, miracle worker, incorruptible advocate, judge; stand with us as we go through court issues. Soft the hearts of the people in crimes to refund our money. We want our money back, let the Holy Spirit lead them to pay back our money. We pray that thy will not get a lawyer to follow up their cases, non-one will pick interested.

Heavenly saint, help me to go through the ministry of Education, change their hearts, let me change and accept to have the preparation made. We ask for success, we trust in you and we know that with you, all things are possible. Shower us with favors so that they may heart a soft heart to allow us present. Cancel any plans of an enemy who is trying to sabotage us, who is trying to pull us down.
I dedicate my children other another candidates who are going to do final examination in October and November, give them knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Make them winners in Jesus name
We cover this prayer with the previous blood of Jesus.

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