Change His Heart

by Rekindle (FL)

Lord, my God, I love You so much and I have been the beneficiary of Your works. I have a history With You, God. Show me Your way. God I had faith and no works. God, I took You for granted but You, my God, stood behind me and supported me when I did not know he was spending our money on her and wiping out our bank account. But Lord, I still love him. Change his heart and bring him back. Lord You can do anything. Lord he is so mean to me. I do not understand how he can do this to me. Lord I do not understand why. He refuses to share with me. Lord I know we allowed satan in our lives and we need You to battle the demons and principalities. Save us. Save our marriage. Teach us to love one another again. Please Lord change his heart. Send her away. Hold my tongue. Put us back together and teach us how to remain there. Stop the divorce and return a better man. I love You Lord. I know You can do anything. Please, right now today please send him back. In Jesus name. Amen.

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