Chance to give my son a better life.

by Tina (Brooklynn,Md)

My husband and I have been struggling for years. . We live in a bad area, our light,water etc are all going to be cut off soon. I am disabled and unable to work also. my husband recently went for a job interview at a great company that can pay him what he was promised 5yrs ago at his current job. which is barely still open. we have no food ,I just want to be able to focus on giving my 3year old son a decent life that i never had. If my husband gets . this job. Please I can Finally fix our car ,get groceries,not cry everyday. My husband works so hard ,and has been cheated by his current boss for so long. PLease pray for us , most of all lord I want to be able to give back ,to do your will , Please let this company call him to start working . I am desperate god.and beg you to that phone ring today. I promise to pay it forward .

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