Catholic Prayer Books

There are several good Catholic prayer books. Some you can even get for free. Lets review the most popular.

These days its easy to find prayers on the internet. But, nothing beats reading your favorite prayers in a portable, bound, old fashioned book. These books contain wonderful Catholic Prayers, and make for a nice gift for yourself or someone you love.

The Catholic Prayer Book – Michael J Buckley

This is probably the most popular prayer book out there. It is well loved by most everyone who has purchased it.

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This book has become a constant companion to me. The organization of the prayers makes it easy to find just the right prayer for any occasion. There are variations available to suit every taste. From very formal prayers to modern prayers. I would recommend this prayer book for anyone Catholic who wants to begin or enhance their prayer life.

The Essential – Judy Bauer

This is another nice prayer book for Catholics. Again, everyone seems to agree that it is a high quality collection or Catholic prayers.

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This is a beautiful collection of prayers with which every Catholic needs to be familiar. The prayers are thoughtfully organized, with brief and clear explanations where necessary. Of all the prayerbooks I’ve read over the years, this one has been the most useful in helping me focus my prayer time. This is an excellent value, and highly recommended!

The Pocket Book of Catholic Prayers

The Pocket Book of Catholic Prayers is a wonderfully portable prayer book. If you want a book you can take with you anywhere, this one will fit in your purse or back pocket easily.

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This is a pocket book of prayers for all occasions, seasons of the Church year, days of the week, daily prayers, and the liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist. It is a handy companion for your Bible studies and private prayer.

How to get a Free Catholic Prayer Book

There are different ways to go about obtaining a prayer book for free. Often times, when you join a congregation, you’ll receive a free prayer book.

The easiest free prayer book to obtain (because it is digital) is
The Book of Catholic Prayers – Prayers for every day
and all occasions. I hope you enjoy it.