Carry me Lord out of debt and out of sin

by Jon (Singapore)

Almighty Father Lord, I need you. I’m sorry for the mistakes i’ve made in managing myself and my resources.

Please forgive my foolishness and stubborn spirit. So many times you have blessed and provided, and i have not been a good steward of your gifts. Time and time again i’ve failed, until i realise i cannot do this without your divine guidance. Thank you for always being faithful to me, even though I have walked so far away from you.

Lord please provide for me and my love ones financially, and grant in me the wisdom and the discipline to straighten out my life and my money management. Guide me to use money wisely, how to save, and how to give, and how to be content with what i have. I am in need once again, and i come to you for help and deliverance from these financial troubles.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, and for continually staying faithful to me, and making me stronger with each trial and life lessons. I will be faithful Lord, I ask for your help to carry me once again. I trust for me and those around me to be provided for by you Lord. In you i find my rest.

In your holy and powerful name dear God, Amen.

Wayward but always your son…

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