Career Passion

by J3 (London)

Dear God,

I came abroad to secure good education, its all went in a good direction a I thought. You given me with full time job when I was in debt, you helped me to get good recognition, good friends everything.

Now, I feel its the time to move with my desired career. I lost somewhere in the middle, lost more money, job etc. I am dreaming about my desired lab job every moment! That’s my foremost aim of my life now.

All my passion, desire, love, humility, goodness are just to follow this dream, just that, that’s enough for now!

You know how much patients and belief I have towards you, and how long I am waiting for to get employed by my favourite employer! That’s my ambition, even If I live for a single day, I wish to live with that job! No words to describe my inner feeling! Kindly get me this job god! I am attending interview on 29th of this month, Help me to secure job and Visa without any problem in a very short time.

Thank you,