Can you please pray for me

by Angie (Usa)

Hello, Can you please pray for me. I really need prayer. I am so down and it feels like I can’t get back up. My husband left about 2 years ago and ever since he left I have been down. I also lost my car, my job, my home and then my job again and my home again. My car I have now just broke down. Now I am not working and have no money coming in. I have two kids and its very hard for me. I just feel like I am about to give up. I have waited for my husband to come back and nothing. I am still waiting for him. ( his name is Francis) I think he has a another girl but I am not sure. I am just so done with everything. I need a job so I can get my strength back. I also have had seizures in the 2 years. Please pray for God to give me strength to move on and get my life back. Angie

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