By faith I’m on the cusp of a miracle.

by Michel (Greensboro, NC US)

Lord as I look over my life I can truly say that I am blessed. Lord I have made decisions morally and financially that may not have been pleasing to you. Lord forgive me of my sins. Lord through it all despite of myself you have showed me grace and mercy. I come to you with good intent to do the things that are pleasing in your sight. Heavenly father I’m not asking to be rich but I pray for financial blessing s in my life so that I can be that strong tower of a man that my family can rely on. Someone in every famly needs to be that and Lord I ask for grace and mercy to be a strong provider for my kids, my finacee’, and the rest of my family. Lord we haven’t all ways been perfect but we have always believed and relied on you. Lord I need you like never before because my financial woes are close to overwhelming me and there is no where else to turn but you. Lord you have never forsaken me and you have always came through for me. Lord I believed that this time will be no different. In the name of JESUS!!

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