Buying a lot to build our home

by Melinda (WI)

Dear St Joseph, please assist us in finding a lot in an our area to build our home on that will allow us to provide best for the family we want so badly to start, and a lot that will keep us close in the city to our church, schools, work, and own parents and siblings. We ask and pray to find a lot to build on to raise our family in a good loving catholic home for the rest of our lives. We have faith and trust in God, knowing that his plan for us will be his will and the best for us. We want to start our home and family so badly, please help us find a lot to begin our home and lives as parents. We have worked hard and tho we don’t have a lot of extra money we have saved very hard for this day to begin in good new solid, stable, and loving home for our future family. We are asking for help in finding a nice area to build a reasonable middle class home, to provide a lifetime of love and happiness for each other and our future children, yet stay close in area to both our own families. We will be enterally grateful for your help. We continue to pray to be shown the path that will lead us to our future with our family . Thank you St. Joseph for hearing my prayer.

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