Dear heavenly Father, thank you for giving us the opportunity

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for giving us the opportunity to start our own grocery store. Please give us wisdom and guidance to work with employees, vendors, customers. Please lead us and open up new opportunities for us as we venture into this business. In Jesus most precious name we pray, Amen.

more wisdom.

In the Blood of Jesus, I recieve the spiritual wisdom and understandingof Christ Jesus.Into my life.I posses my possession.My life if full of success.I am blessed. Amen.

No More Scams

In Jesus Name GOD I have been scammed a few times on line trusting people while paying for thier lies and now I need you GOD to send the right work @ home business to me because I will not give up on my dream of working@home while I rest. And in Jesus Name GOD … Continue reading “No More Scams”

Business in success

Lord my god son of God I need business asap for me and for my lovely wife my lover to be get arrange marriage help me the fullfil happiness and success God Jesus I believe in you make us easier and to live happy grant us all wat we need please God I beg you … Continue reading “Business in success”

New cleaning Business

Dear Lord, i ask you to help me start new business with other partner. Please pray for me that my other partner will understand and support me and with all his blessings for my other business for my family and friends. Help me Lord that i will succeed in this new venture , protect me … Continue reading “New cleaning Business”

Please pray with us for them to succeed

I pray that as we have started businesses in two different places, we pray that we will have 5000 members in all our business. One is a law firm, the next two is burial assistance covers companies. Please pray with us for them to succeed

My son the welder

Lord Jesus, you have blessed my son in being good in his chosen profession, a welder. Not only is he gifted in his job, but is also hard working and honest. He has started in a new venture, his own business. With your guidance, Lord Jesus, let him do well. Let him honor you in … Continue reading “My son the welder”

petition prayer

(Philippines) Please help me pray for my business that have failed, and again regaining it. I was frustrated because I loss a lot of money and now regaining it again, hopefully all my items be sold. I have a lot of stocks so have to sell it in a lower price, just to get the … Continue reading “petition prayer”

Food cart business prayer

Hello to all, please pray for my new business, i franchise 2 in 1 food cart, and my food concept are rice toppings and fried bites, i started last saturday and hope i’m gonna be successful and get a big sales everday, and pray that my staff or crew will be harworking and trustworthy, thanks … Continue reading “Food cart business prayer”

Prayer for New Home for elderly

God keep me focused on this new adventure. Help us so we can attract good seniors to live in our facility. Guide our staff to do their best and with good intention. Guide all the agencies so they refer clients to us. Please grant my prayer my most wonderful God

A prayer for my business

My father who is in heaven , hallow be thy name! Lord I speak forth that my business will grow and flourish, creating great opportunity and provision for all those involved. Father open the eyes of people driving or walking pass us, let them see and come in. Dear Jesus we are here to sell, … Continue reading “A prayer for my business”


Praise the Lord Please pray for my Business & my Financial problems,Pray for my Business Deals, Thank you

a fresh re-start for our business

Dear Lord, help us to get a blessed fresh start after the bankruptcy that we filled in 2010, we need your help Lord to make the sufficient money to get our bill paid. In the Holy Name of jesus. Amen.

Gods hep

Lord the plan you have for me. Plans to prosper me and what ever was meant for my harm you will turn it around for my good. Lord I put my trust in you help me to understand that you are not failing me in this business or this marriage or as the mother … Continue reading “Gods hep”


God. Thank you for all the help that you’ve given me so far. I continue to do your will and hope that I’m doing it correctly. I’m attending a conference today and am praying for guidance. Please let me meet the right people to get some business and move this company forward. You did a … Continue reading “Conference”

Down wit it tax store

That the year of 2017 will be prosperous for ma an god will bless me beside my wildest imagination in this tax season an to bless the kitchen that I cook out of…. Pray for protect I. The blood of Jesus over home,job,car body , business an relationship ,mind

Prayer to sell my business

Dear Father and St Joseph I ask your loving help in the sale of my beautiful flower shop. I have grown weary and need your help in rejuvenating me until a sale grows through. Thankful for all I have. All my love.

Prayer for a slow business

ST JUDE, for my mother , please come to her rescue. The business that she and her familly depend on is really slow now so her stress and struggles are high. PLease help her with more blessings. Thank you.

Successful business

Ooh God I come before you through Jesus Christ praying for my business to have more clients. I would also need a desktop compute r and a colored printer, so as I can solve clients issues faster. ALMIGHTY LORD HEAR MY PRAYER. AMEN

Home Business Prayer

Father I ask you in Jesus name. I have hit rock bottom and am so lost. finances and everywhere i go no one is hiring. i am scared but i think for now going back to home business is best. if this is my path i ask for guidance if not i ask you to … Continue reading “Home Business Prayer”

Prayer for my employer

Please help my employer and company in their business, so that they can still help others and continue their mission in putting this business. Also, to help secure us form our work until we retire.

Business Opportunity.

To bless me with the spirit of cooperation. So that I may serve my own as graciously. Hear my prayer, oh Lord, so that about the impact of new business opportunity on my life right now. Amen!

Prayers for my business

Dear Lord, Please look after my business this Holiday season. That we may prosper. We are having a difficult time and need your blessings upon us for our business to grow. Amen

Starting a Business Venture

(Nigeria) i am looking into starting a business venture, i pray the Lord blesses and crowns my efforts, my business shall be a success in Jesus mighty name, amen!

Jesus im scared

Jesus im starting a farm please guide me in making the wright choices and please watch over our cattle and my wife and I as we go threw this new adventure. in your name amen

new day care prayer

I am asking for favor and help to start a new preschool from home, i want to be able to have energy and time for my family and church. I also want to provide for my family.

Business prayer

Just moved my TKD school to a new city and asking for financial blessing and in return i can be a blessing to others.