A Spousal Business Blessing

Bless anyone in need of your words/healing, show them the possibilities of the impossible. Father God, Thank you first and foremost for everything. My partner and I would both like to start our own businesses and become business owners and I beg of thee to allow this to happen. Please give us the financial blessings … Continue reading “A Spousal Business Blessing”

Lord inspiré me

Holy One you hav changed my life around and given me the desire to live I ask you now to help me to use this gift of life you have given me in a fruitful and abundant way.Inspire me Lord with an idea to start out a new business Send me the financial help and … Continue reading “Lord inspiré me”

God i trust in thee

Dear heavenly father. you know my heart as well as the dreams that I had for a long time with regards to the training center I so wished to own and run. Please may you guide that this plans shall become a reality. please guide us that we may hear your directions, plans and guidance … Continue reading “God i trust in thee”

Stagnation problem in my business, and my financials.

Dear God my creater I am asking for help in my business that is not moving well ,remove every power of negativity working against it and my financial break through ,please heavenly father help me in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

New business opportunity

My husband will begin to close his business tomorrow. We have another opportunity to start up a company with someone. I know we should be happy and rejoice….yet, so much is left to move and bills to pay. Lord, my prayer is to honor you with what you have given us. Thank you for a … Continue reading “New business opportunity”

New Business Prayer

Dear Lord, I ask for your help in starting my own new business. You are my strongest ally, and my best partner. Please join me in this new venture so that I may succeed For myself, my family and the customers I will serve. Grant me your powers of good judgment, Your wisdom and guidance, … Continue reading “New Business Prayer”

counter sales bussiness improvement prayers

Dear heavenly father almighty Jesus please help me for counters sales improve Jesus please protect my business, it comes with such difficult trials and ups and downs. I want to protect it from others and give good business for my company please help us lord your my god thanking you

Change of direction

Dear st Joseph, Please guide me and assist me in changing direction of my business.I am in the process of making changes in the hope of growing our business even further and making it buyer friendly. Send me good help and blessings that will help my feel confident and in the course attract more business … Continue reading “Change of direction”

Prayer for New Business

Dear Lord, I pray for our new business which is trying to provide employment for our family. Please bless us and help us to be successful in our search for work. Today I give a special mention that we hear good news on a particular job and that we can continue to do your work. … Continue reading “Prayer for New Business”

Just started out

(Medina, TN) I ask for prayer for a new business I just started. I ask for guidance and wisdom for my business. This is a slow time for this type of business, but I know with God and others joining in this prayer God will provide a miracle and this business will be anointed. God … Continue reading “Just started out”

Almighty God Please bless my business

Heavenly father…..I come to U….asking that U give me more creative ideas for my doll business…. Please surround me with good people….seeking paying….collector’s…. Customers…… God I ask that U…..open doors for my artwork….. Lord I thank U for blessing me with multiple talent……Open up my mind…..and bless me with ideas …fresh ideas….and God Please help … Continue reading “Almighty God Please bless my business”

Success and Prosperity

Dear Lord, Our business name is Legacy-M Cleaning Chemicals,this business has been on the pipeline for 2 years now and we have finally seen that you are with us every step of the way.Because every where we go we can see and feel your presence,And for that we would like to thank you,We glorify your … Continue reading “Success and Prosperity”

to serve my customers with much happiness joy

That God will guide and strengthen my faith in order to serve my customers with much happiness joy. Praying for the successful business ad that it will grow fast. In Jesus name. Amen