Broken relationship

by Najji Germana ()

I’m asking for a prayer of fixing a broken relationship between my ex and I. We were the closet people ever. Best friend and when we broke up. We don’t even talk, or anything. I’ve truly realized i was in the wrong and made us break up because of my actions, and i never truly believed in God, i was going through things in my life that made me question him and made me angry to why it had to happen to me. And i attempted suicide and he spoke to me. Ever since then my life has been completely changed, i signed up to get baptized, My attitude has changed, everything about me has changed. And I’m so thankful for it! But it doesn’t feel right because i don’t have my best friend with me. I love her and i will always will and if god wants us together then let it be. But she was there for me in all my dark times, and i wouldn’t want to lose a best friend, let alone the love of my life. So I’m asking if i could get a prayer on helping me and my broken relationship with her because she means a lot to me.

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