Broken Relationship

by Yvette T ()

Dear Lord, before everything else I give you all the glory. I lift your name on high and I acknowledged that you are the King of kings and the Lord of Lords. I know You hear, You Listen and You Answer.

Please help me Lord. I am 35 years old , single with no kids. Educated, good job , and live right. I am depressed and I cry every night. I’m convinced something is wrong with me. My mum is very worried about me and that kills me slowly. I’m so confused, depressed and don’t even know where to go from here.

For two years I’ve been dating this man on and off. A.J. I have turned down real marriage proposals because this man is all I want. I have even given back a ring. Today I have so much regret. I want a partner with whom to build. I want to return home everyday to someone who is excited about me.
My current relationship is very very toxic I admit but I do not even know how to leave. All I do is give give and give but never get anything in return. I don’t ask him for too much yet he is never even there for me. We had an amazing relationship when we met, but he drastically changed. I barely see him. He claims he works a lot because he wants to buy us a house. We have fought many times over him not wanting me to go out(all I do is work and go home). I even moved to his city to be with him yet I barely see him. But he tells me he loves me and my wait would soon be over. He has introduced me to his family and his friends as his woman. He shows me real Love and it’s an amazing person when he is available.
But the odds out weighs the pro’s. Many times I really want to leave. I want to move on but I can’t stop thinking about him. I don’t know how to leave. I’m depressed and alone.

Dear Lord please help me. I have tried to be strong and stop running back to this man. I can’t do this anymore on my own. You said it’s not good for man to be alone.
Lord these are your words and you don’t lie. If this man is not your will for my life, please take him away this year. Let the scales fall from my eyes. Give me grace to walk away.
Send me someone who will appreciate my small sacrifices and give me peace. Hell me O Lord. I can’t do this anymore. I’m all alone. Work and Home. I have no friends.

Redirect my path O lord. I’m tired. I’m really tired. Should I move back to my city and start all over? Should I give these few other people whom I don’t really like a chance ? Help me Lord. Please help me. Amen !

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