Broken in spirit

Father, I come to you in need in everything in my life. One day I’m up and the next I’m down. I ask for forgiveness from and I truly believe that you have done just that, I will not forgive myself and let my pass go. I have been wrong have done wrong and I’m trying to change my life for the better and it’s so hard.

I lost some people I really cared for, and who I thought cared for me. When I fell under attack I lost people even in my family. God is on my side and sometimes I’m so lonely, so discourage, so broken, so confused, I never knew people could be so cruel.

I don’t know how long this test and trial will last, all I can do is pray for better me and a better life and that God protect me from my enemies and those who rise up against me. God please give peace in my mind and in my heart to fighjt the good fight of faith.

I ask that you heal my sick mother, brothers, dauther niece nephew and family and my sick sister. Break the bind of sickness in there minds in your Holy name Jesus I pray AMEN!!!!!!!

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