Broken Heart

by Mary (Colorado)

Dear Lord, Please help me heal. Help me be a better mother to my children through this trying time. Please help him become a better person by not keeping my heart dangling on a line. Help him see clear and not be hurtful. Help him get over his demons so that he can be healthy and happy. Help me make the right choices. I know he still has us (the kids and I) in his heart. I know there is still happiness there. I know that he is hurting as much as I. I know deep down he is a good person. Help him embrace that good he has in his heart. Lead him closer to you dear Lord! Show him that there is love for him here… and that his parents do have love for him also. Please call onto him by reach out and comforting him. I Know he just needs your guidance right now. I love this man so much but it pains me to be apart from him too. Pleas comfort my heart so that I can have a clear head and be the mother my children need me to be, the mother I want to be for them. Please remember your families and keep them together. I am fighting for him right now with this prayer, for our family. I know that you know how I feel about this man but I will say it again. He is a wonderful person with some issues that he hasn’t confronted that impede him from being fully happy. PLEASE help him with that! Please give us both the strength and the grace so that we can move forward together and are able to teach that to our loved ones! I thank you for all the blessing you have graced us with too. Thank you dear Lord for mine and my kids’ health, love, and bond. Thank you for the patience you give me. Thank you for my loved ones and my home. I ask that you remember me and him at this time good Lord! AMEN!!

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  1. Bless You

    Dear Lord,

    Please give this child of yours the strength she needs to get through every single day. That through you Christ she can do all things. Always help her remember that you God are watching over her every single day, and that you have never forgotten her.

    Always remember that Jesus puts you through these trials to help you build your faith in him 3xs as strong! Don’t give up on him! Just keep praying and remember everything happens for a reason!

    Amen and God Bless

  2. God Bless You

    I pray that you and your family have the overwhelming abundant of strength from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to overcome anything that is keeping you from reaching your full potential happiness the Lord is destined to provide you with. Just do not give up faith and always remember the LORD IS WITH YOU wherever you may be. Everything he does happens for a reason to make you 10x stronger. Keep praying for your loved ones as I will as well, and always keep God your King in your Heart. God bless you and your family. We the children of God believe in you.


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