Bringing back my beloved gf and our evalasting love

by Xavier (Singapore)

Almighty God, I pray for my girlfriend’s return. We were so lovely together for 2 years and 8 months. Signs of her drifting from me appeared only within 2 weeks ago. I brought it up and it ended up with a breakup instead. I know she still has feeling for me, but she was so firm with her decision, yet she did not gave me any reasons to convince why she wants to leave me.

My family and career is also at the lowest state. And now my previous girlfriend also left me. I strongly believe that she still loves me and we can be lovely together again if she willing to give both of us a chance.

Almighty God, please bring my lovely girlfriend back to me and let us complete our lifelong journey together. I will pray to the heaven everyday sincerely with my heart. Thank you for your blessing and i will live my life as your loyal helper to help the needy.