bring us back together

by Grace (Usa)

jesus, i know i have messed up but i am in great pain of heart break. please remove his resentment towards me and realize i love him still very much and that this one little fight shouldn’t end what we had for a long time. let him forgive and trust me again. please soften his heart to at least text, tweet, or call me.

it will be fine to be just friends again but i really do need him back in my life please god. i know you hear my prayer and you know how much pain i have been in and many time i have cried over this situation. please. i know i have lied but i have learned and i just need another chance for this relationship.

i know he understands i have my flaws but lead him to know that i can be forgiven and can fix it. let him know i am still in pain. a simple hi tomorrow or just favoriting one of my tweets will brighten me up. i just need to know he will wan to try as friends and eventually move on.

at this point i am alone. no one there and i am miserable. bring light into my darkness jesus.

in jesus’s name, Amen.

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