Bring us back together one day

by Lauren (New York, New York)

Dear Lord,

My boyfriend broke up with me about two months ago. Lord, when I met him, I was finally at a place where I was content being single and I was praying for my future husband. Our relationship started out amazing but we made bad choices and as a result of not keeping you first, we both got tired and frustrated with each other.

Lord, you were not the center of his life even though he’s a “good guy”. You were not the center of MY life even though I’m a “good girl”. We are not together and now he’s moving away. There is no hope in my part except the feeling I have deep down that this is the man for me. Father, steady my heart each day as I think about the past and get so confused. Help me, in those desperate moments, to know that it will all make sense one day. Help me, in those desperate moments, to know that you have me in the right place at every moment. I pray, Lord, that once he moves you will begin convicting his heart so he can see the whole thing clearly.

He’s completely numb to me right now, and I think that this is because if he wanted to be with me I would accept him back when I know I shouldn’t. Thank you for that protection. But I pray that you will keep our hearts knitted together. Lord, I can’t help but believe that this man is for me.

I can’t help but believe that I’m for him. Lord, thank you that you see me. Work this out and keep me steady each day. I love you, Father. Help me to trust you. Help me to replace the lies with truth.


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  1. Praying for you

    It was a beautiful prayer, and I have prayed for you as well as I know how you are feeling. xo

  2. Faith

    Good mornin
    I will pray for you this morning
    I have faith in you that you will overcome
    With your faith in Jesus
    Please go to church each Sunday
    And when The Lord calls you volunteer
    For a ministry at the church

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