Bring us back together God

by Dave ()

Dear God,

I’ve been coming to you each and every day for this past month and half, praying to you and talking to you as your holy spirit fills me and is around me. God I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me in my life especially those that i have asked for. I ask you also God to forgive me for my sins and all the wrongs i have done to others and those who I have held resentment against and haven’t forgiven them. I ask you God to forgive those who sinned against me and have wronged me. Fill my heart instead with love and compassion for those who have sinned or wronged me. God, you have brought me a wonderful woman into my life that I waited patiently and asked you for. I asked you to bless our relationship and you did and filled it with love, good feelings and memories. Whether this was in your plan God, I didn’t see our breakup coming and I felt like my world and self-esteem has crashed down. I know I was the best man I could be to her. I was a gentleman, i loved her for her, I gave her space in the relationship, I opened my heart to her and let her in. I have asked for strength God over this past month and you have given me it with a healthier body and a better mindset. God, I know that her decision to go back to her verbally abusive ex and work on things was wrong. I know God in my heart she is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. We got along so well together God with no fights or anything. It’s been almost 30 days since we have last spoken and you have opened her heart to me a little bit God. What I asking for God is a miracle from you that she opens her eyes to see that I am the guy that is meant for her in her life and that she sees her ex for the truth he really is and for the same reasons she left him in the first place. I ask you God that you open her heart to having a brand new rekindled relationship with me that is stronger than what we originally had before and that after she makes that realization you give her the courage to talk to me and you fill her love and knowledge knowing that her choosing me over him will be one of the best decisions she’s ever made. I ask you God to use me in whatever way you can to help make this happen since it will also take some effort on my par also. I feel like I am last leg and I have been growing impatient even though i have asked for more patience. God I still will give every ounce of faith and belief in you God that you will let this happen for through you all things are possible. She is the girl i want to spend the rest of my life God and you know my intentions with her have been and always will be good. Hear my prayer Lord and have it be in your will for both of us to let this miracle happen, and bless those who see this and who are in a similar situation that you give them love and hope and belief that you will make a way for their broken relationship and bring and bless those to also pray for my relationship.

In Jesus’ name I pray


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