Bring the father of my children home

by Aisa (Australia)

Lord I thank you for putting this man in my life. A man so loving and gentle who has taught me many things. Please forgive me for the way I have treated this man and made him feel. For pushing him away and not fulfilling my role as a spouse and a mother to his child. A man who had changed but I wasn’t Changing. I am sorry for pushing him away. Lord forgive me. Thank you lord for opening up my eyes. For waking me up and showing me that I need to change so I don’t lose this man and my family. I pray for benji for his spirit lord and his soul, for his health, his mind, and his flesh. I pray lord that you will continually prompt his spirit to remind him of me and his family. I pray lord that you will show him that love is about leading your heart and a choice not about following it. I pray lord you will show him unity and a sense of belonging that he knows he belongs with his family. I pray lord you will give him the ultimate strength lord and self control when the devil tries to throw temptations in his face and prays on his weaknesses. You are in control of that you are more powerful than that you have already won that battle I believe that in the name of Jesus! No temptation can come between benji myself and his children! Cover him in your blood oh lord wrap

Him in your Holy Spirit. Wherever he goes may you and the people around him constantly remind him of his children and myself and where he belongs. Lord all I can ask is for u to show him a change of heart. A willingness to want to stay with his family and fight for his family in your timing when it is right with you and you see I have changed my ways for the better. The devil can not destroy this relationship and this family you are lord of all and you have the final say. I proclaim this victory has already been won! I have faith in you lord i know you hear my cry and know my heart. I believe the Same spirit and power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that is fighting for benji and I to live together and operate as one. Let this be a lesson lord I do not believe this is a reality and a final outcome. I believe you will bring him home Lord. I believe you will restore us. Thankyou lord for opening up my eyes and reminding me what a wonderful man you have blessed me with to be a life long partner and father to my children. I am so blessed oh lord.

I pray all these things in your name. I believe it and I receive it!