Bring my soulmate back to me.

by AJ (New York)

Dear Lord,

First, i would like to say Thank You for all the blessings you have given me. I am truly grateful. I am a lucky woman. Next, i need to ask you for your help in bringing the love of my life back to me. We both need each other and love one another so much. Please, please help bring us together and help us through our obstacles. He is having medical problems and i want to help him. He is my life, love and best friend. I beg you Oh father for your help. Please guide him into reaching out to me right away!

Precious time is being wasted. Let us use that time to love and plan our future together. We have already lost so much time. I love him with all my soul. I believe my purpose here is to be his lifelong partner. Please help him with his confidence and strength to call me and start our plans get to where we want. Lord, hear my prayer. I thank you my Father for listening.

Lord hear my prayer. Amen.

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  1. Praying for your soulmate

    Dear AJ,

    I am praying for you and your soulmate. I have read your prayer and am in a very similar place with my beloved wife, my soulmate of 27-yrs. We started started out as best friends then at 18yrs old began dating. I’m 45 now and my soulmate is facing a potentially serious health issue that drs have yet to determine. We are scared beyond belief although we trust in god. It’s killing me to see the fear in her eyes and not be able to take these fears away.

    I would like to ask you to pray for my soulmate in this very difficult time of our lives. I feel lost and helpless and I can’t handle this pain.

    May God look down upon you and yours and show you the way. May he hear and answer all your prayers.

    God bless,


  2. Bring my S0ULMATE Back to me Lord

    Please Almighty father bring my soulmate Christine back to me.
    We were crazy in love & when She needed some time to go thru a rough time in her life , I messed up & said the Wrong things. Please God open her heart back up to me & let her forgive me. Please let it be true what she said about not seeing anybody right now And the letter come back to me. I Promise to show her All the Love in the World.
    Thank You my Lord & Saviour

  3. Please Father bring my love and me together

    I believe Michael is the one im going to spend the rest of my life with. I love him and no one else feels like home like he does. God im so scared of being let down. My sitiatuon seems impossible and i can’t bare another day missing him while he’s trying to forget about me and is choosing to give all the love i wish i had to someone else. It hurts God i want to just forget about him and find someone else too but no one is him and i feel trapped in overwhelming grief. Please God i can’t take it anymore please if it’s not your will please severe this soul tie so my heart can be in peace. But if it really You that told me it’s him, it’s always been him ive known him for years and threw out the years we always seem to bumb into eachother every 3 years ive had a random encounter with this man. When we first met, at the bar twice, and crossed paths on a dating app. This situation im facing is very painful on my emotions but if my feelings weren’t so affected by this it would sound like it’s devine destiny. God help me trust you and calm my heart. All i ask you Lord is to bring it all together in time for my grandpa to walk me down the ailse since my dad is no longer. Please answer my cry out for help fast. I need your help God it’s impossible without your devine intervention. I love you God and i trust you

  4. Bring my Soulmate Back to Me

    Dear Lord, I hear AJ’s cries and the cries of the others who have posted in this forum. Please hear the desires of their hearts Lord and shower then with what they are hoping in you for, their soulmates returning to them. It is excruciating to go through the separation of who one believes to be their soulmate. I pray you bless all of us with whom we have been praying and petitioning for without ceasing. Please bring Kelly back to me Lord and help me to receive him and help him in whatever battles he is facing. Teach me to be kind, loving and humble towards him all the days of my life. Help my friend Beonka receive Chris and give her the wisdom to teach and guide him as is so desperately needed at this time. We know Lord Jesus that your love for us allows you to give good gifts and we are humbly praying submitting our souls to you for the receiving of these good gifts. Thank you Lord for retiring our soulmates, in Jesus name, amen.

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