Bring my soulmate back to me.

by April (USA)

Dear Lord,

I ask for your help in bringing the love of my life back home to me. After 5 1/2 years, We hit a bump in the road and can’t seem to agree with each other about something. We both love each other so much and planned to grow old together.

Please, please pray for us and help us come to a mutual agreement. Help us mend and get back on track. Time apart has been extremely painful. I miss him and love him so much! The 6 months apart was wasted time that we could have been enjoying life together. Making memories.

Love is the greatest blessing in life. I’ve met the man I want to be with and grow old with. He’s my best friend. Material things mean nothing to me. I would live in a cardboard box with him. I thank dear Lord for listening and for blessing me with a beautiful man who I know needs me too. PLEASE help us. God bless.