Bring my love Back please

by Nelly (Namibia)

My creator, I am here today with my heart full of sorrow, I am so heartbroken, I once lost him and with your mercy you brought him back to my life and I know you can bring him back again. I am praying and casting out the spirit of division among us. my lord I pray that you touch his heart and you help me to love me again. My lord forgive me wherever i did wrong. all i need and praying is for you to bring him back and make him love me like he used to. i pray that we will continue with our marriage plans and with you by our sides no one will ever come between us. I pray for you to show me if he is the right man for me lord. give me strength to accept if he is not the man you created for me.

Lord i pray that you change Emmanuel and make him a better person, lord please touch him, open his heart. Lord i cover him and our relationship in the blood of Jesus, no weapon formed against us shall prosper.


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