Bring my husband home – Heal my Marriage

by Donna (GA)

Dear Lord,

I come to you with a heavy heart. I pray to you to bring my husband home to me and our family. Dear Lord wrap your arms around him and show him that this is the devil in our marriage. Please take his blinders off Lord. Let him see that the path he has chosen is not the right path lord. Please let him feel your presence in his heart. Please lord heal his heart. Please return the Love of my life to me. I pray that we can come together as one again, we can heal and forgive and live as one again. That our family can heal and become stronger lord.

My marriage is in trouble, I know that my husband and I let the devil in Lord. Please make us stronger, please help us see the error of our ways lord. I know this will be a long hard journey, I pray that you will give us the strength that we need to take this step together Lord. I am ready and willing to do what you see fit for me Lord.

Lord I believe in the Santacty of my marriage. I believe marriage to be a Holy bond between man and wife. Please heal me, please help me become a Godly wife. Please help me be the wife that my husband needs. Please help me over come my past. Help me with intimacy with my husband. Help me be able to show him my love the way that is best for the both of us lord.

Please bring my husbands back to mine. Please bring us back on the path together. Please make the changes in my heart and my husbands heart. Bring us close together again. Show him all the reasons this other woman is not right for him. Open his eyes to all of her faults. Her shortcomimgs, let him see why he married me to begin with Lord.

We have 20 years together, we have built an amazing life with one another.

Help us reunite and become stronger. Help us walk this path together and for you Lord.

Lord please help my husband follow his heart and the love for me and return to me and be forever together as one, as husband and wife.


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