Bring my husband faith and peace

by EJ (Oklahoma)

Dear lord,

Please bring my husband speedy peace with in his troubled heart. He fears each day because it’s filled with stress and sorrows. I pray you fill him with the Holy Spirit and aide him in turning his well being over to your care, also give him the direction He Begs for. Bring him faith to know in his heart everything is going to be ok. I fear each day he will give up and let the stress and sorrow win. Please give him hope to never give up and the faith that you will see him through this tough and trying time. He is trying to surrender everything to your control but still struggles In letting go. He’s worked so hard for everyday of his life and just can’t find the peace his body, mind and soul needs to even rest well at night. He begs you ever day for direction and just to rest well at night to take on the new day. Please help him, please Give him direction and faith that it will all be ok. In your name I pray.

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